Nightmare Gay
Hi, I'm Jasmine. I post a lot of Star Trek, Sherlock, Marvel, LOTR/Hobbit and cry over celebrities. I also make music and do cosplay. link to those in navigation.


We are a time bomb

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I can’t wait for winter because that’s when all mosquitoes die and go to hell where they belong

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Miss me?

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om fg  
i know this kid from when i was in like 6th grade
hes entirely serious
i ca nt stop laughing send hel p

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New Scotland Yard10 Broadway, Westminster, London, SW1H 0BG

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"Fight Like A Girl"

Photo collection // Fall 2014

I’m so elated about my latest photo collection that’s featured on Bitchtopia! Read about it here + check out other great pieces on Bitchtopia.

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